During the period of Industrialization and Immigration, the Americans were very predjudiced against immigrants. Immigrants were given harsh treatment for moving to America because people percieved them as "bad". American citizens believed that the immigrants were taking the jobs from all the natural-born citizens, when really the immigrants mostly took the low class jobs the Americans wouldn't do anyway. The intense nativism during this time period led to anti-nativism groups like the Ku Klux Klan. (KKK) Because the KKK tried to make themselves seem like a pro-american group, membership soared.There were also specific laws that excluded groups like the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. It banned all Chinese immigration because people thought the Chinese immigrants were causing problems.

This is an example of America moving further from equality during this time period. The immigrants were treated unfairly compared to the native born citizens. The intense nativisnm was unreasonable because almost all of the people in America had ancestors from another country. It was not fair for the entire group of Chinese people to be discriminated against and not be allowed to immigrate because they were different than the "True American". The KKK would harm and kill the immigrants, and people joined because they didn't like the foreigners. It was very true that native born people and foreign born people were not treated equally during this time period.